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Pack Renders: Crips and effective assets

Client: Bayer

Brand: Supradyn

Objective & Goals:

Render a series of Supradyn Vitamin Pack Renders for efficient and visually enhanced pack shot assets. The goal was to create high-quality, mobile-optimized 3D renderings that improve the visual quality of the product presentation, offering a great alternative to traditional pack photography.

Key Visual Elements:

  • Clean and precise shots, with reflections and shadows on transparent layers

  • Multiple viewing angles provide a comprehensive set of assets

  • Emphasis on pack-label features for better readability on mobile devices

Innovative Techniques:

  • 3D rendering techniques, delivering photorealistic results quickly

  • Streamlined label and information updates for mobile e-commerce viewing purposes

Project Duration:

2-week lead time for high-quality, mobile-optimized 3D pack renders

Results & Impact:

The Supradyn Vitamin Pack Renders demonstrate the quality and efficiency of Rendermatic 3D's pack rendering services, resulting in improved visual presentation and mobile-optimized assets that enhance the online shopping experience.

Project Cost:

Rendermatic 3D offers competitive pricing, taking advantage of the favourable exchange rate between the South African Rand and major international currencies. For detailed pricing information, please contact our team.

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