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About Us

Who are we? Well, that depends on who you ask. On paper, we’re an animation studio based in Cape Town, South Africa, comprising of CGI artists with years of experience across multiple disciplines. Our clients might tell you that we’re a group of skilled magicians with the ability to inject energy into any campaign, bringing it to life in fresh and original ways. But really, we’re just tech-loving artists who enjoy working together to create really awesome 3D content.

Join us

We always looking for new talent please share your portfolio we would dig to see it!

How We Work ?

Contact us so we can discuss your project and issue you a proposal within 24h. When approved, we set a workflow connecting our creative team with yours enabling collaboration to meet the brief. Our team is comfortable working with both open and specific briefs. It's critical to us that we are on budget on time and on brief. 

Let's get you a cost estimate quickly 

Kickstart your project with us today. 

What software do we use ?

We use the latest industry-specific software that has proven to deliver the best results. We are continually looking at new software that can enhance our ability to do great work for our clients.

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