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Key Visual: Vodka-Flavored Renders

Client: Distell

Agency: Publicis

Brand: Count Pushkin Vodka

Objective & Goals:

Create a range of renders for Count Pushkin Vodka's flavored line, requiring a crisp, clean aesthetic. The client faced challenges with traditional pack photography, which did not allow bright, vibrant background colours to come through the bottles. Our goal was to overcome this challenge and deliver realistic, eye-catching product renders that showcased vibrant colours effectively.

Key Visual Elements:

  • Crisp, clean aesthetic that highlights the quality of Count Pushkin Vodka

  • Bright, vibrant background colours shining through the transparent bottles

  • Photorealistic representation of the flavoured vodka bottles, showcasing product details

  • Flexibility to add background colours in post-production with minimal effort

Innovative Techniques:

  • 3D rendering with transparent areas, allowing for easy background integration in post-production

  • Overcoming the limitations of traditional pack photography with photorealistic transparent product renders

Results & Impact:

The resulting product renders successfully showcased the Count Pushkin Vodka flavored line with a crisp, clean aesthetic, achieving the desired vibrant background colors that traditional pack photography could not deliver. This project highlights the benefits of using product renders over traditional photography.

Project Cost:

Rendermatic 3D offers competitive pricing, taking advantage of the favorable exchange rate between the South African Rand and major international currencies. For detailed pricing information, please contact our team.

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