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Key Visual: Orijin Gin Marula Appeal

Client: Distell

Agency: 3 Verse

Brand: Origin

Objective & Goals:

Render a high-quality shot of a new, not-yet-produced bottle of Marula fruit-flavoured gin, to be used in a key visual for the product launch. The render needed to include a Marula fruit to emphasise the unique flavour, with the green leaves of the fruit complementing the label colours. The goal was to create a natural and appetising visual superior to a photograph and enable the client to develop marketing materials before producing the physical bottle.

Key Visual Elements:

  • Realistic render of the Marula-flavoured gin bottle, showcasing its unique design

  • Marula fruit and green leaves emphasise the gin's flavour and create a harmonious colour palette

  • Natural-looking fruit, more visually appealing than a retouched photograph

  • High-quality lighting and composition to create an enticing key visual

  • Innovative Techniques:

  • Advanced rendering techniques to create a photorealistic representation of the unreleased bottle

  • Accurate modelling and texturing of the Marula fruit for a natural and appetising appearance

Results & Impact:

The render allowed the client to develop marketing materials before producing the physical bottle, ensuring a seamless and efficient product launch. The natural and appetising key visual generated interest and excitement among the target audience, contributing to successfully introducing the Marula-flavoured gin to the market.

Project Cost:

Rendermatic 3D offers competitive pricing, taking advantage of the favourable exchange rate between the South African Rand and major international currencies. For detailed pricing information, please contact our team.

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