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Key Visual: Bringing Brands Together

Client: Edward Snell & Co

Portfolio: Stretton’s Gin, Russian Bear Vodka, Wellingtons Brandy and Firstwatch Whiskey

Objective & Goals:

Develop a comprehensive and visually stunning 3D-rendered lock-up and key visual to showcase our client's diverse range of bottles in a unified manner. This innovative approach aimed to address the unique challenge of representing four distinct brands under one cohesive portfolio campaign, as traditional 2D designs were insufficient.

Key Visual Elements:

  • High-quality, photorealistic 3D models of each bottle and serve, capturing their unique shapes, materials, and textures

  • Unified environment design, providing a visually cohesive backdrop

  • Strategic positioning of each bottle within the scene, highlighting the individuality of each brand while conveying a sense of cohesion

Innovative Techniques:

  • 3D rendering techniques to create a visually striking and unified campaign, overcoming the limitations of traditional 2D designs

Results & Impact:

The 3D-rendered lock-up and key visual successfully captured the essence of each brand while maintaining a sense of unity, providing our client with a visually striking and cohesive portfolio campaign that effectively expanded their presence and reach.

Project Cost:

Rendermatic 3D offers competitive pricing, taking advantage of the favourable exchange rate between the South African Rand and major international currencies. For detailed pricing information, please contact our team.

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