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Food Animation: Hazelnut Crunch Appeal

Client: Full HD

Brand: Cornetto

Objective & Goals:

Create an appetising and realistic animation of a Cornetto Hazelnut Crunch ice cream cone being constructed to drive desire. The final animation was used in a TV commercial to entice viewers and boost sales.

Key Visual Elements:

• Hazelnuts coated in chocolate create appetite appeal

• Ice cream layers elegantly applied to the cone

• Warm orange tones that evoke feelings of indulgence

• Cone cracking in slow motion, showcasing its delightful crunch

Innovative Techniques:

The utilisation of 3D scanning for accurate and detailed modelling

Texture footage blending to achieve realistic materials and surfaces

Project Duration:

16 seconds of high-quality animation, completed within 3 Weeks

Results & Impact:

The final animation successfully increased product appeal and enhanced the TV commercial.

Project Cost:

Rendermatic 3D offers competitive pricing, taking advantage of the favourable exchange rate between the South African Rand and major international currencies. For detailed pricing information, please contact our team.

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