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What Does 3D rendering and animation production cost?

While the cost for a product animation or still render can differ from project to project, it is safe to say that you pay for what you get.

We have been providing brands and agencies with 3D rendered and animated content for well over eight years. With this experience, concept development, storyboarding, along with a host of creative and production considerations, we can give a generally accurate cost estimate with our calculators. We have divided our estimates into two categories: 3D rendering and animation.

Use the calculator below to get an estimate for your project and please reach out to us so we can confirm an estimate for you. We hope that these two calculators give you an indication of what working with a professional video animation production company could cost.

Budget Estimator Tool

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Ways to make your 3D render and animation project more affordable:

Provide a clear, complete creative brief. If you already know what you want and how it should look, providing a mood board and concept sketch can save a lot of time.
Provide 3D models of your product or client’s product.
Having a 3D model can make the project a lot simpler because the 3D modelling team doesn't need to recreate the items from scratch.   
Use stock 3D assets.
Often a 3D model of items in your render or animation will be available to purchase online. Once again, this will save time and money. 
Keep your message short and punchy. Today's audience doesn't need to know the full story in the beginning, never mind the fact that attention is fleeting at the best of times. Use product rendering and animation to land the most compelling features and use still renders and text on your website to tell a more detailed story.  

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How We Work?

Contact us so we can discuss your project and issue you a proposal within 24h. When approved, we set a workflow connecting our creative team with yours as required enabling collaboration to meet the brief. Our team is comfortable working with both open and specific briefs. It's critical to us that we are on budget on time and on brief. 

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What software do we use?

We use the latest industry-specific software that is proven to deliver the best results. We continue to look at new software that can enhance our ability to produce great work for our clients.

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