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Use eye-catching product-enhancing CGI content in your next campaign. 

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CG Studio Product Renders

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CG Campaign Lead Visuals

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CG Product Animations

We are a Cape Town-based CG animation studio with a team of talented artists with years of experience producing product-focused content for various local and international agencies and brand owners.


Our mission in working closely with our clients is to showcase their products in unique, appealing, and appetising ways that meet and exceed their creative goals. 


We pride ourselves on ensuring that our work is 100% on brief, on time, and within the agreed budget while also delivering extra magic to make you smile.   

Our Showreel


“The work was always outstanding, the finish, quality and attention to detail, some of the best 3D rendering I’ve seen globally." - Regional Creative Director


 “The Rendermatic crew are super passionate and an absolute pleasure to work with. They are full of ideas and are always up for the challenge, no matter the task.” - Lancewood Marketing Manager  


“Creative geniuses! 😊 No concept proposed by a client is too impossible for the Rendermatic team to tackle, for starters… And then deliver!” - Reebok Marketing Manager   


“Working with Rendermatic is a professional and timeous process. The team is always happy to answer any questions and offer a solution, no matter how big or small.” - Senior Project Manager 


Working with the Rendermatic team has always been a pleasure. Not only do they produce top quality work but they come to the table with fresh ideas and solutions that help set our brand apart.” - International Marketing Manager 

How do we work?

Contact us so we can discuss your project brief, costs and timings. Our team is comfortable working with both open and specific briefs. We are also happy to answer any questions and make recommendations about the best way to use CGI in your marketing material. 

Let's get you a quick cost estimate.

Kickstart your project with us today. 

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